3 Days in Bermuda

3 Days in Bermuda

  3 Days in Bermuda

This is your Saint Holiday local's guide to 3 perfect days on the enchanting island paradise that is Bermuda.

Tucked into the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic (yes, there are crystal-clear waters in the Atlantic!) Bermuda is a captivating destination that effortlessly blends natural beauty, vibrant culture, and timeless charm.  The quick 90-minute flight from JFK makes it the ideal weekend getaway and an easier journey than driving to the Hamptons on a Friday afternoon.  Amazing how a place that is so close can feel so far away.  Prepare to be wow-ed by the pristine beaches, coastal vistas, and optic turquoise waters.  

 I split my time between the buzzy, busy culture of NYC and the low-key happy vibe of this unique island.  My creative solution to “bi-coastal living” started a bit chaotically in 2020 and has evolved into a dreamy balance of city and beach.  In this guide, I will share some of my favorite things to do to relax, recharge and experience Bermuda as a local does.

 Day 1: Get ready for an unforgettable stay at The Loren, a breathtaking boutique hotel with ocean views, exquisite design, and a remarkable contemporary art collection. Spend your afternoon unwinding by the infinity pool and relaxing on the secluded pink beach, immersing yourself in the island's beauty and ambiance. Treat yourself to a delicious poolside lunch and try out snorkeling gear to explore the vibrant underwater world. As the evening sets in, head to The Intrepid, a new harborfront restaurant, for a sophisticated dinner. Savor artisan cocktails, sample local seafood, and don't miss the Smoky Old Fashion and the outstanding Hamachi Crudo.

Day 2: Start your day with a refreshing yoga session at Salt Yoga Bermuda, where you'll enjoy invigorating classes with breathtaking ocean views and fragrant tropical breezes. Afterward, head to the Pink Beach Club for a scenic breakfast. Charge up with a signature pressed juice and the farm-fresh breakfast bowl. Next, grab your beach essentials and set off to explore the wonders of Horseshoe Bay. Swim in the turquoise waters, bask in the sun, and embark on a coastal hike to discover hidden coves, stunning rock formations, and tranquil tidal pools. Treat yourself to a drink at the beach bar and then head a mile down the road to the  Princess Beach Club for their weekly BBQ. Relish a magical dinner with your toes in the sand as you watch the sun gracefully set over the horizon. It's the perfect Saturday night experience.
Day 3: Begin your morning with a scenic hike along the picturesque railway trail, starting at Shelly Bay and winding your way along the coast to Coney Island. Afterward, take a ride into historic Hamilton and make your first stop at L'Artisan, an authentic French bakery, for a delicious coffee and croissant to-go. Take your treats and explore the charming streets of Hamilton, browsing the shops along the way. Don't miss Atelerie and the Shops at the Princess for some unique finds. Once you've picked up souvenirs, stock up on provisions at Two Rock before hiring a boat from Southampton for an unforgettable afternoon and sunset cruise. Enjoy a blissful happy hour and take a refreshing swim at Paradise Lakes.
Bermuda is a masterclass in fuss-free living.  Disconnect and immerse yourself in the slow pace and natural beauty of the island.  A few magical days spent here will leave you sun-kissed and inspired.

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