Welcome to Saint Holiday by Kate Lessa
Co-Founder and Creative Director  Kate Lessa

Co-Founder and Creative Director Kate Lessa

I live on a cliff, at the beach in Bermuda.  It's a new thing and it's beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better source of inspiration for Saint Holiday.  My fiancé and I moved here in 2022 after splitting time between the island and New York City for several years.

I created Saint Holiday from my love of travel and vacation style. It may sound crazy but I love packing.  Setting the mood, pondering the destination and putting things together in a way that I may not in my regular life.   I was an accessories designer for many years before Saint Holiday so I have a lot of fun curating the jewels, sunglasses and bags that are going with me.  There is a bit of an art to it I suppose, I like to balance the practical with the impractical.  I always start with pieces that I love and can be worn several different ways and then I layer on some fun items to keep it creative and inspired. 

I approach the design process for Saint Holiday with the same mindset as I do packing for a trip.  I think about the new season, where I will be going and what I will want to wear.